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What is hemp grow consulting?

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Consulting services for hemp farmers can be fairly complex. There are many factors of hemp farming that need to be learned in order to grow properly depending on the final product and stay within the legal guidelines of the state and federal government. Let’s break this down into 4 major aspects; logistics, production, harvesting, and legal requirements. 


This aspect of hemp farming is fundamentally focused on getting started. These include; being approved for a  license, preparing your space, estimating supplies and costs, acquiring the supplies and genetics. 

Georgia has some basic legal guidelines for applying and approving any licensing for hemp farmers. Getting your required paperwork in order requires some steps, and getting some experienced help for this aspect can be greatly beneficial and speed the process. 

Preparing your grow space requires some knowledge in the type of hemp product you’re trying to produce (flower, CBD oil, fiber, or seed) and the type of land and space you have available. Each type of hemp product requires knowledge of the growing requirements of each plant.

Finding the best suppliers and distributors is a major factor for every farmer, with the niche market for hemp (cannabis) related products it’s good to have someone who can direct you to the best and most cost effective direction. 

Finally, genetics of the plants you’re preparing to grow is a huge aspect. Whether growing from seed or purchasing clones or mother plants, you’ll want to get the best genetics that produce the goal product and stay within the legal guidelines of THC (-.3%). We have a database of the best producers of hemp varieties for referral, depending on your requirements. 


Production aspects can include anything related to growing the plants such as; propagation via seeds or cloning, providing the proper nutrients at the proper times, pest control, and testing. The production aspects are important for producing the final product you’re trying to achieve. 

Propagation can start with seeds or with clones. Each requires unique methods depending on the direction you take. From purchasing the best seeds to making your own clones from mother plants, this is the first step in production. 

Nutrients can be created differently, not all are the best for the cannabis plant. Choosing the proper nutrients, giving them at the proper intervals and via different methods is vital to plant growth. 

Pest control is another aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. Choosing the right direction for pest control can be a tricky situation. Depending on your final product, there may be restrictions on which pest control methods can be used. We prefer as organic a method as possible when dealing with pests, especially if you’re growing for CBD or other isolates. 

Testing is very important to stay within the legal limits of THC, and to make sure you harvest at the proper times. Choosing the best and most cost effective testing providers can be tedious. Our consultants can provide referrals to the best testing providers in the state. We also provide testing schedules to help you know when to test. 


The apex of the whole grow season is the harvest. This step takes the proper tools and space for drying before being sent to the proper outlets for sale. Knowing when to harvest, and what to look for during harvest are important. Having the drying barn ready for the raw hemp is another factor needed for most final products, especially when focused on CBD. 


Knowing what the legal requirements of each of these steps could be the make or break point for keeping your license for years to come. It also relates to the necessary steps to make sure your hemp doesn’t go “hot” (over legal THC limit), which then mandates you destroy your whole harvest. Both keeping your license and keeping your harvest could be some of the best reasons to keep up with the legal requirements you need to know. 

All of these major aspects of hemp farming are all equally necessary to make a living farming hemp. Having a skilled and experienced collective of consultants to help you with these factors could be what helps your hemp grow thrive. Contact us today to let us provide the best solutions to your hemp growing needs. Don’t just survive the hemp industry, thrive in the growing Georgia hemp industry. 

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